Top 10 Scholarships for Veterans & Dependents

When deciding to go to University or College, money is almost always an issue.  Often we can feel our life’s calling but be unsure of how to pursue it without extra help.  In these instances scholarships can be a lifesaver.  Tuition and books have risen immensely in the last few decades and without assistance most students would not be able to pursue their degree.

Top Scholarships

When looking at scholarships there are a few that are particularly geared towards assisting Veterans and their dependants in higher education.  The benefit of these scholarships is that they are only offered and available to those that fit those terms. With fewer available to apply the chances of actually receiving the scholarship are that much better.  Some of the scholarships even pay full tuition for up to two years.  A few of the best scholarships to apply for are:

  • The David W. Fox Fellowship – This scholarship is offered from the University of Chicago Booth annually and is worth an estimated $50,000 which can be used to pay up to two years of tuition. The scholarship is available to Veterans and active duty service members.
  • Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation – Offers a $30,000 scholarship to the children of active duty and veteran Marines that are deceased due to the wars since 09/11.
  • Freedom Alliance Scholarship – Scholarships for children of Veterans and active duty service members that have lost their lives or obtained injury while serving. The scholarships are needs based but can be up to $40,000.
  • Helen Dyar King Scholarship – Arizona State University offers this scholarship to Veterans that live in Arizona state. Each scholarship is $4,000.
  • Texas A&M University Scholarship – Texas A&M offers multiple scholarships to Veterans and their dependants in a range from $1,000 to $3,000.
  • Army Women’s Foundation Scholarship – This is a scholarship specifically for female Veterans and their children. The award is $1,000 for those in community college or certificate programs and $2500 for those in four-year degree programs.
  • AMVETS National Scholarship – Offers two $3,000 scholarships annually to Veterans.
  • Veterans United Foundation Scholarship – Bi-annual award of five $2,000 scholarships for Veterans and their children.
  • Air Force Aid Society Scholarships – Provides scholarships of $2,000 to the dependants of Air Force active duty servicemen or Veterans.
  • Salute to Spouses Scholarship – This scholarship is specifically awarded to spouses of an active duty military member and must be used at Bryant and Stratton college and are worth $6,000.

With the cost of tuition rising each year scholarships are worth their weight in gold.  Applying for and winning scholarships can mean the difference between a meaningful valuable career in the future and a job that you settle for.  The economy is making it harder for individuals to pursue higher education yet more and more businesses are shopping for employees with degrees.  With a scholarship you will be financially able to pursue and achieve your goals.

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