Is There Any Scholarship Programs for People Wearing Glasses?

The good news is YES!! There are Scholarships programs for people who wear glasses. Actually with a little research you will find there are scholarship programs for just about anything and everything. There are several different scholarship programs for people who wear glasses, depending on how bad your eye sight is and what type of glasses you need, this will help distinguish which scholarships are the right fit for this blog at for more information.

The nice thing about these scholarships is that they can benefit peoples of all ages and backgrounds who wear glasses. They can benefit High school seniors or the adult students returning to college. The great thing about scholarships is they do not need to be paid back like student loans. They are a gift or award given to students with special needs.

Here is a list of scholarships programs for people wearing glasses that was discovered with a little research;

Council of Citizens with Low Vision International offers 3 scholarship programs for persons with vision problems.

Fred Scheigert Scholarship program: This awards 3 students a scholarship of $3,000 a piece available for full-time students. You must meet the visual acuity and academic guidelines to be awarded these scholarships.for more information, visit her latest blog post.

Dr. Sam Genensky Video Magnification Award: This is a special tribute to the man who invented of the CCTV. (Closed Circuit television)This scholarship provides multiple video magnifiers of varying brands and styles, to students and adults who need these types of devices to help them with their education.

The Carl Foley Graduate Scholarship Program: This program is being re-written as of right now so your best bet is to have your college or universities contact the CCLVI (Council of Citizens with Low Vision, International) if they have a program in the field of low vision and it is not currently recognized. A questionnaire can be sent to the school to determine if the program qualifies for the provisions of the Carl Foley Scholarship.

• Contact Lens & Glasses Scholarship: This scholarship is for high school seniors and for full-time freshmen, sophomore or junior college students. It is an award of $1,000 and you must submit a short essay on 4 possible subjects with your application.

Urban Science Scholarship

• Replace my Contacts: This is a scholarship for students who wear contacts lenses or eye glasses. It is a $1,000 award and you must write a short essay on how vision problems have affected your life. They give you several topics to pick from.

• The Community Health Care Programs: This is a wonderful program that not only offers scholarships programs for people wearing glasses, but offers other health care related services for students with disabilities. Wearing glasses is considered one of these disabilities.

These are wonderful opportunities for those that are visional impaired, a chance to help pay for further education and for helping to make your future brighter. Simple research on the internet can help you find more information on Scholarships programs for people wearing Glasses.

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