How to Rock Scholarship (and College) Applications- 10 Simple Tips

The time has come for you to look into scholarship programs so you can go to college. It may seem like an overwhelming task but actually it is a lot easier then you may think. The biggest and most time consuming part is the research. The first step is to look into which schools you want to go to. Check out what scholarships they may offer. Once you have decided which schools you would like to attend, then you can start searching for the scholarships that you think you may be eligible for.

There are so many different types of College Scholarships

Not just the basic you had the best grades in high school type, there are scholarships for short people, tall people, people who wear eye glasses, ethnic scholarships, and the list goes on and on. So do your research. You will be amazed by the many different scholarships that are available, choose the ones that fit you best and apply to several different ones to cover all your bases.

1. The most important tip for anyone who is filling out College applications and scholarships is to apply early. If possible try to apply for scholarships several weeks if not months before the due date. This gives you time to think the application through, to answer all the questions correctly and in detail and it gives you time to write a great essay. Have you parents or guardian or a friend review your application to make sure you did not miss any questions or key points.

Now let’s talk about filling out that application for a college scholarship. Almost all Scholarships are set up in basically the same way. There is the Resume, the Essay part and then there is the teacher recommendation part.

Let’s talk about the Resume. This is all about you, your personal information, what schools you attended, what jobs you may have held, what groups or organizations you may have belonged to.

2. This means if you are wanting to get a science degree, you would put that you belonged to the science club first. Any sports you may have played should be listed last because it is not relevant to the degree you want to get. Same as if you are going to college because of a sport you played, then you would list your sporting organizations first and the science or math club last.

3. Add lots of details. Don’t just say I belonged to the Math club. Give details. What did you do in the Math club? Did you help to organize events? Did you achieve any awards? Did you have a leadership position? This is information the Scholarship committee will be interested in. So give lots of details about everything you did. Clubs or organizations you were involved in, volunteer work you may have done anything to make you stand out.

4. One key tip is don’t add information that is unnecessary. If you were a member of a club but did absolutely nothing in the club, then there is no reason to mention that. If you belonged to a sports team but never actually played and just sat the bench don’t mention that. You do not want to fill the resume with information that will not help you obtain your goal.

The Essay part, this can be the most intimidating part of the scholarship process. For most students this is not a strong skill for them, writing essays. (Unless you took classes for writing and this is the course you want to major in.) Actually it is not as hard as you think. Take a deep breath and get organized.

5. There is usually a topic that the scholarship program wants you to write about. Remember this is all about you and how you relate to this topic. Don’t get side tracked adding information that is not important. Stay focused on the topic.

6. The next tip when writing an essay is you do not have to use big fancy words. Keep it conversational, write like you talk. You do not want to try an impress the Scholarship committee by using words you do not even know the meaning to or can be said in a simpler manner. Remember this is all about you and your personality!

7. The best tip is proofread your essay several times. Check and double check for spelling errors and grammar errors. Have one of two other people check it over for you. Don’t try to do this alone you can have others help you tweak your essay. If you take the time to do this then the College Scholarship committee will see that you took the time and effort to do it correctly, this is almost as important as content.

Teacher Recommendation is the next part of the College Scholarship application. Having a teacher write a recommendation can make or break the scholarship application. Having someone who taught you talk about how well you did in your courses really goes a long way in impressing the scholarship committee.

8. The best tip for teacher recommendation is fit the teacher to the application. If you are going for a science degree, then you want your science teacher to be the one to write the recommendation. You can also ask teachers who mentored you in any clubs or organizations you belonged to.


9. Try to ask a teacher to do the recommendation who has known you for a while. Chose a teacher that you may have had you for several different courses or that you have been involved with in any clubs or programs you were in over the course of high school.

10. Give the teacher or the teachers you choose plenty of time to write the recommendation up. Don’t ask them for a recommendation a day before the application is due. Try to give them at least two weeks or longer to write you a glowing recommendation.

If you want to Rock your Scholarship and College application, then following these 10 tips should help you on your way. There is no perfect application to college or for a scholarship, but you can truly stand out and above your peers by following these tips. Check out the internet for more details on Scholarships and filling out applications. There is a world of information out there to help you on your journey to College.

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